We serve the complete component spectrum of fiber composite materials.
From the idea to the completion of the component, we are your competent partner and accompany you through the entire process.


Born for racing:
Our carbon fiber expertise for the champions of motorsport


In the powertrain area, we offer a variety of high-quality carbon fiber components that optimize the drive train. These include the oil tank, pipes (oil/water), airboxes (pressureless/turbo engines), intake systems (variable/static), bellhousing and gearbox. We not only ensure high strength and lightness, but also improved performance and efficiency for motorsport vehicles.


We offer control arms, pushrod/pullrod and breakduct that ensure optimal vehicle control, stability and aerodynamic efficiency. With our expertise and precision, we help ensure that chassis in motorsport vehicles can develop their full potential.

Chassis / Aerodynamic

The chassis and aerodynamics play a crucial role in motorsport. Our carbon fiber components for chassis and aerodynamics include front wing/rear wing, crash components (nosebox/rear crasher/side crasher), underbody/engine cover, sidepods, air ducts and seat/headrest. These components are manufactured with the highest precision and innovative technologies to ensure optimal performance, stability and safety on the racetrack.


Design visions in the fast lane:
Automotive solutions for aesthetic masterpieces


We offer high-quality carbon fiber interior components for the automotive sector. With our expertise in producing Class A matt/gloss surfaces, we create a luxurious and aesthetic interior. Our tailor-made interior trim and components set accents and give vehicles a unique touch.


In the exterior area, we offer painted colors, painted transparent surfaces (matt/gloss) and painted bicolour designs. Our carbon fiber exterior parts are characterized not only by their high quality and precision, but also by their individual design options. We create tailor-made exterior components that give vehicles an attractive look and personal touch.

Repair & custom-made products



We offer extensive customer service and post-purchase support for carbon fiber components. Our dedicated team is available to answer questions, provide technical support and ensure our products meet your expectations.

Accident repairs

In the event of accident damage, we offer professional repair services. Our specialists repair damaged components with the utmost precision and care to restore original functionality and safety.

monocoque repair

As experts in carbon fiber structures, we also offer repair services for monocoque structures. Our experienced team ensures that damaged monocoques are professionally repaired and restored according to strict safety standards.

Exterior parts

Our repair and custom-made exterior parts enable us to replace or repair damaged or outdated parts. We attach great importance to the highest quality, precision and seamless integration into the overall design of the vehicle.

Structure & crash-relevant components

We offer comprehensive repair and manufacturing services for structural and crash-relevant components. Our experts ensure that the components meet strict safety standards and ensure their functionality and stability in every situation.

restoration of CFRP surfaces

Our expertise in restoring carbon fiber surfaces allows us to restore damaged or worn surfaces to their original shine and pristine appearance. We use special techniques and materials to optimize the aesthetic appearance of CFRP surfaces.